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Char-Grilled Prawn and Corn Salad


20 uncooked medium prawns 2 cloves of garlic crushed 2 Tbsp lime juice 1/2 tsp ground cumin 1 tsp caster sugar 1Tbsp olive oil 2 trimmed corn cobs 20g butter softened 2 Tbsp olive oil, extra 3 corn tortillas 2 medium avocados 1/2 iceberg lettuce 6 small radishes trimmed and sliced thinly 1 cup fresh [...]

Char-Grilled Prawn and Corn Salad2021-01-28T01:50:55+10:30

The Year to be Grateful for What you Have


2020 was a year like no other. While reflecting on what to write for this newsletter I came across a quote that said, “This is not the year to have everything you want. This is the year to appreciate everything you have.” I thought it was an excellent synopsis of how to reflect on the [...]

The Year to be Grateful for What you Have2021-01-28T01:47:15+10:30

Lower Back Pain: Consider a Chiro


Did you know that an estimated 4 million Australians have back problems?90% of people will experience back pain at some point in their lives, so it is possible that you or someone you know will suffer from this one day. Several factors can contribute to low back pain, including poor posture, excessive sitting, lack of [...]

Lower Back Pain: Consider a Chiro2020-10-29T00:16:43+10:30

Welcome to the Clinic Dr Alison


Some of you may have seen Dr Alison when Dr Paije has been away. Now Dr Alison is joining the team at Back in Balance. Dr Alison will be working on Wednesday mornings, while Dr Paije sees animals in the afternoon, Thursday mornings, and will cover the one Saturday a month Dr Paije takes off. [...]

Welcome to the Clinic Dr Alison2020-10-19T08:23:26+10:30

Covid-19 Clinic Update


We are continuing to do what we can to avoid the spread of the virus. We have increased the disinfecting of the clinic and we have removed the toys and magazines from the waiting room. If you have little ones coming in with you, we suggest you bring some activities/entertainment from home to keep them [...]

Covid-19 Clinic Update2020-03-24T00:48:56+10:30



With the increase in cases in Australia of the Covid19 virus, we at Back in Balance Chiropractic are diligent with the disinfecting of the clinic. We do however as that you inform us if you have had a recent fever, or cough, or have traveled, or had any close contact with a confirmed case of [...]




In autumn the trees shed their leaves. When I picture this act of shedding, the trees must let go to allow space for the new growth that arrives in spring. We can use this analogy in our own lives. What are you holding onto that no longer serves you? If we let go of the [...]


Nutritional Supplements for Mental Health


The worlds largest review of top-tier evidence, published in World Psychiatry, examined 33 meta-analyses of randomised control trials and gathered data from 10,951 people with mental health disorders including depression, stress, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, personality disorders, and ADHD. The review found strong evidence for omega-3 supplements as an add on treatment for major depression, reducing [...]

Nutritional Supplements for Mental Health2020-03-03T05:52:36+10:30

Spring Asparagus Salad


1-2 bunches of asparagus trimmed 1-2 Tbsp olive oil Salt and pepper to taste 1&1/2 cups dry couscous or quinoa 1/2 cup kalamata olives (pitted and sliced) 1/2 cup fetta cheese 1/2 cups toasted pine nuts 1/2 cup of dill or Italian parsley chopped 2 Tbsp tarragon 3 spring onions sliced diagonally zest from 1 [...]

Spring Asparagus Salad2019-10-16T00:32:34+10:30
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