2020 was a year like no other. While reflecting on what to write for this newsletter I came across a quote that said, “This is not the year to have everything you want. This is the year to appreciate everything you have.” I thought it was an excellent synopsis of how to reflect on the year that was 2020. While sometimes when your plans have to be changed it can be difficult to see the positives, however if you take a little time there have been many. You may find sometimes focusing on the positives can be helpful to give us some perspective.

· Some families have been able to spend more quality time together.

· We have been tourists in our own home. Instead of travelling overseas, many have taken the time to see parts of our own state.

· We have come to appreciate all the work our teachers do and how difficult their job can be after trying to “school at home” with our own children.

· Many people have been able to get jobs done around the home, spend their holiday money on home renovations they have always wanted to do.

· Some have taken the time to learn a new skill.

· We have come to appreciate the work the medical staff do, putting their own health at risk to help others.

· Even if we disagree with all decisions at the time, we can be thankful for the decisions our government has made to keep our country one of the safest countries to live in at the present time.

These are all very 2020 year specific things to be grateful for, but Christmas is often a great time to think about or even talk about what you are thankful for.

I am thankful for:

· My amazing staff who have adapted to the government rules quickly so that the clinic can still run smoothly, and for the support they give our chiropractors so that we can focus on helping our patients feel better.

· I am thankful for our patients who have continued to entrust us with their spinal health and for adapting to the clinic protocols we put in place to keep everyone healthy.

· The brain, for enabling us to think and problem solve, and store beautiful memories.

· Friends and family, for being our support when we need them the most, and when we don’t. 

· Laughter, for bringing joy into our lives.

· The sun, for bringing warmth, light and helping plants grow.