Dr Paije Cox

Born and raised in the Adelaide hills, South Australia, Dr. Paije moved to Melbourne to study Chiropractic at RMIT University for five years.

While in her fifth year Dr. Paije was one of three students chosen from her year level to travel to Cambodia to treat children in orphanages, land mine victims, and people with polio as well as having the opportunity to perform humanitarian duties whilst there. This, along with pediatric clinic duty, ignited Dr. Paije’s keen interest in treating children and pregnant women.

Dr. Paije graduated in 2008 from RMIT University with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree after experiencing the benefits of chiropractic care throughout most of her childhood. She is now passionate about her work and sharing those benefits with her community from newborns through to seniors. Chiropractic is for ALL ages. We are never too young to need it or too old to benefit from it!

Dr. Paije uses various techniques such as manual adjustments, drop piece, activator, leander flexion distraction, blocks, cranials, dry needling, and soft tissue treatment depending on the needs of the patient.

Dr. Paije’s Chiropractic interests include:

  • Dr. Paije most enjoys treating families, seeing families progress in their health, and helping them where needed with advice on nutrition, lifestyle changes, and of course chiropractic care
  • Women’s health
  • Sporting injuries – Dr. Paije has been involved in football clubs over the past 20 years and will look for possible causes for recurrent issues in sports people, making sure the body is functioning at its optimum
  • Seniors – helping the older population to stay agile. “There is nothing better than seeing the change over time of the way the person gets onto the table on their first visit, to when they come in or a routine check-up.”

Dr. Paije “practices what she preaches” living an active, balanced lifestyle. She enjoys entertaining and is always excited to try a new recipe, often with a healthy twist. She also enjoys her downtime with the arts, specifically music as well as painting, dancing and will give any craft activity a go. She loves animals and has a mini-farm of her own including Branson the Golden Retriever, Winnie the French Bulldog, Floss the possum, Kofi the cat, and two birds Baby and Wattle, 2 ducks, 39 chooks, and 3 sheep.

Dr. Paije’s love for animals has prompted Paije to study Animal Biomechanical Medicine so that she can help animals as well as humans. She finished this degree in 2017 and is enjoying treating and giving rehabilitation exercises to injured pets as well as their owners.