Exercise Therapy

Exercise therapy is utilised by many allied health professionals including Chiropractors. It assists to restore normal function after injury and/or to reverse muscle compensation patterns that have occurred over time due to dysfunction.

Rehabilitation involves a combination of mobilisation, moving muscles and joints, and strengthening exercises. 

  • Mobilisation exercises such as stretching help improve chronically tightened musculature and improve joint mobility.
  • Strengthening exercises involve training specific muscles required to support structures relevant to the individual’s condition and level of activity.
  • A combination of mobilisation and strengthening is required for balance and to restore optimal movement patterns.

Since each injury is different, your rehabilitation program will be uniquely tailored to your needs. Rehabilitation programs can last anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months, or occasionally longer depending on your injury and any possible complications that you may experience during the healing process.  Since muscle strength is lost at a faster rate with rest and lack of use than it is gained with exercise, consistency is key to improvement.

Back in Balance practitioners use a variety of rehabilitation methods. Dr Alison uses a program called Physitrack. This allows her to prescribe individualised exercise programs that you can access easily from your own home. Physitrack is an app that allows you to download your unique rehabilitation program prescribed by Dr Alison. The app has videos accompanied with explanations on how to complete your rehabilitation exercises. Furthermore Dr Alison can track your progress and you can communicate with her if you are finding the exercises too easy or too hard so that she can adjust them where necessary.

Back in Balance Chiropractic have therabands, massage balls and foam rollers available for purchase to assist your home care and enhance your exercise program.

Rehabilitation therapy is a beneficial addition to manual therapy, such as adjustment and soft tissue, provided by Chiropractors.  It is a way you can help further improve your condition at home in-between appointments.  If interested in seeing if exercise therapy might suit you, book a long appointment with Dr Alison for an assessment.