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Meet Our Chiropractors at Back in Balance Chiropractic

Back in Balance has been providing effective chiropractic care for the Blackwood community for over 30 years, with Dr Paije at the helm for 8 years. At Back in Balance, we gently adjust the spine to create movement in restricted joints and in turn restoring optimal nerve function so that your body can operate at its best. The adjustments may assist your body to heal and adapt to external stressors in a more natural and optimal way.

Our extended clinic hours allow us to cater to most people’s needs either before or after work and even on Saturdays.

Dr Paije Cox
Dr Paije CoxChiropractor
Born and raised in the Adelaide hills, South Australia, Dr Paije moved to Melbourne to study Chiropractic at RMIT University for five years.
Dr Alison Nicholls
Dr Alison NichollsChiropractor
Some of you may have seen Dr Alison when Dr Paije has been away. Now Dr Alison is joining the team at Back in Balance.

Our Team

Merilyn King
Merilyn KingAdmin
Merilyn has lived in the blackwood area for over 20 years. She has a diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy and is passionate about natural therapies and foods that heal, she has a particular interest in women’s health. Spending time with family and friends is her favorite pastime.
Maggie lives with her husband, a whippet, 5 parrots and 2 guinea-pigs. Her rascally lorikeet BeBob is a rescue bird that was hand raised by Dr Paije. Maggie is an abstract and ceramic artist, as well as a student in archeology. She enjoys bushwalking and mudlarking for ceramic shards.
Karen Erlandsen
Karen ErlandsenAdmin
Karen is new to the clinic and lives in Happy Valley with her husband, 2 kids and a dog. She enjoys walking and cycling with friends. Karen also enjoys spending time with family and friends and regular holidays in her caravan. She would one day like to visit Canada, France and England.
Carolyn Netz
Carolyn NetzAdmin
Carolyn has lived in Aberfoyle Park for the past 30 years with her husband and two adult children. She loves spending time in her garden and enjoying nature. Carolyn also enjoys short getaways in her caravan and spending weekends with family and friends.