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Paediatric Chiropractors

Our experienced team of Paediatric Chiropractors in Adelaide are here to help

Gentle & Soothing Treatment Tailored To Your Child

  • Reputable and experienced pediatric-trained chiropractors with child-friendly rooms
  • Active listening and observation to understand your child
  • Gentle, soothing techniques tailored to kids of different ages

Chiropractic for kids, is also known as paediatric chiropractic, it is a gentle therapy for children.

Children are treated in a different way from adults – you wouldn’t give your newborn the same medicine and dosage as you would take yourself, would you?

Well, we’ll treat your child according to their age and complaint. We always make sure we explain what we are doing, why we are doing it, and even demonstrate what we’ll do to you before we touch your child.

It’s hard enough to see your child in pain. That’s why we do all we can to make sure you understand what’s going on – and feel comfortable with your child’s treatment.

You see, we’ll only ever treat your child with the thumbs up from you.

Child Chiropractors in Adelaide

Why should you see a kids chiropractor

You know your child best.

If you still can’t get your child to sleep due to discomfort, they’ve taken a big fall in the playground, or you’re worried about their development, it may resolve itself. Or it may need more attention.

As a parent, you know when something doesn’t feel right.

So, when you’ve decided to try out a chiropractor that enjoys regularly treating kids, get an assessment from a practitioner you know and trust – or one who has been recommended.

Many parents in Australia and around the world bring their children to paediatric chiropractors when they need help with:

  • Slouching or poor posture
  • Poor coordination
  • Poor sleep due to pain
  • Abnormal ‘W’ seated position
  • Back pain
  • Slow to reach developmental milestones
  • Sports injuries
  • Knee and hip pain
  • Flat feet and knocked knees
  • Pulled elbow
  • Tight muscles
  • Playground rough and tumble, injuries, pains & check-ups
  • Sleeping in weird and wonderful positions
  • Falls from strollers, down the stairs or off the swings
  • Poor balance and frequent falls

Is Chiropractic Treatment Safe For Children

Oh – what a controversial topic!

Yes, you can expect your paediatric-trained chiropractor to treat your child safely and gently.

But like any health service, there’s the chance of side effects. Around 1% will have a mild reaction like tenderness or irritability which lasts less than 24 hours. It’s rare for more severe side effects, especially after a complete assessment (Doyle 2011) (Todd et al 2015).

After we run through your child’s detailed history and assessment – and we decide whether chiropractic care may help your child, we’ll let you know what specific techniques we’ll use.

You may be relieved and surprised to know there’s no ‘cracking’ involved. The techniques used for an adult, a 16-year-old, and a 16-month-old are all different.

Your child is unique and we’ll take a special approach.

Is Chiropractic Treatment Safe For Babies

Yes. Babies have fragile spines and bodies as well as a developing brain & nervous system. This is why they need extra gentle chiropractic care.

We understand you prefer the most natural, gentle approach possible to help you baby feel better. You want your bub to be comfortable and grow well.

Will treatment hurt my baby?
When you bring your baby to see us, we’ll free up restricted joints. Many babies sleep through the gentle session.

The pressure placed on the joints is no more than you would use on your own eyeball – it’s so light and comforting, parents often comment: ‘Is that it?’. To reassure you, we’ll show you what we’ll do – and the pressure we’ll use – before we treat your child.

Frequently Asked Questions For Paediatric Chiropractors Adelaide

What can I expect for my child’s first session?2022-08-30T14:45:35+09:30

We are here to help you and your child. So we’ll explain everything we do in a way that’s easy for you to understand.

In the first session we’ll:

  1. Chat about your child’s complaint and development
  2. Do assessments with your child

During this session, the Child trained chiropractor aims to answer 5 questions:

Why are you worried?

  1. Does the complaint have anything to do with the way your child moves, eats, sleeps, or does other daily activities?
  2. Is your child’s brain maturing and developing as expected for their age?
  3. Does your child have tight muscles or are joints restricted which may affect the way they move and develop?
  4. Is chiropractic suitable for your child?
  5. We want to find out more about your child so we can decide if we can help – and if so – how we can help.

Our chat with you – and assessments on your child will help us answer these 5 questions.

Will my child get side effects after seeing a chiropractor?2023-02-02T15:00:08+10:30

It’s possible. Around 1 in 100 children get irritable after a treatment – and this usually lasts less than 24 hours.

If you have an older child that has had manual adjustments, they may feel a little tender after. Just like the tenderness you may feel following a massage – or when your kids play netball or footy at the beginning of the season.

This usually goes away within a few days.

Does treatment involve cracking or crunching?2022-08-30T14:42:27+09:30


When you think of a chiropractor, you may imagine the ‘cracking’ (we use the term ‘adjustment’) that happens in adult chiropractic sessions. What you may not realise is that adults can be safely adjusted in a way that’s not suitable for children.

Kids need to be treated gently – and safely – to suit their age and complaint.

Why do parents bring babies for chiropractic treatments?2023-02-02T14:05:25+10:30

As a parent, you know your baby.

It can be tiring, frustrating, and worrying for you when something doesn’t feel right. But you can’t put your finger on what it is.

Your baby can’t communicate their discomfort. You have to look for clues.

Be assured, that other parents are going through the same frustrations. That’s why they decide to give chiropractic a go:

  • Feeding issues due to jaw or neck restrictions
  • Sleeping difficulties due to pain
  • Low muscle tone (hypotonia or floppy baby)
  • General check-up
  • Crawling, rolling over or movement difficulties
  • Poor head control

Parents may notice their baby favours one side when breastfeeding or sleeping. They may arch or pull off the breast / bottle. Difficulty attaching, poor seal, dribbling or trouble swallowing. These are some indications of biomechanical dysfunction leading to breastfeeding difficulties (World Health Organisation 2009) (Vallone & Carnegie-Hargreaves 2016).

One study showed that more than half of infants with breastfeeding difficulties had neck tightness (Fludder & Keil 2018).

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