The effects of stress on your musculoskeletal system: Stress can be good for you in small doses. However, in our busy modern lifestyle full of deadlines, lockdowns and financial strain, the constant flight/fight reaction can be detrimental to our health. Stress is one of the body’s protective mechanisms inbuilt to keep you energetic [...]

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Adelaide Chiropractors


Adelaide Chiropractors - Questions to ask & what to look for when picking a clinic Choosing a chiropractor in Adelaide can be an important decision, especially if you're seeking relief from chronic pain or other musculoskeletal conditionss. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a chiropractorQualifications and CredentialsChiropractors are licensed healthcare [...]

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Lower Back Pain: Consider a Chiro


Did you know that an estimated 4 million Australians have back problems?90% of people will experience back pain at some point in their lives, so it is possible that you or someone you know will suffer from this one day. Several factors can contribute to low back pain, including poor posture, excessive sitting, lack of [...]

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Welcome to the Clinic Dr Alison


Some of you may have seen Dr Alison when Dr Paije has been away. Now Dr Alison is joining the team at Back in Balance. Dr Alison will be working on Wednesday mornings, while Dr Paije sees animals in the afternoon, Thursday mornings, and will cover the one Saturday a month Dr Paije takes off. [...]

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The gift of being grateful


As some of you are aware, some big things have been happening to people around me. Sometimes when life becomes a bit overwhelming, it can be difficult to see past the negative and look at what you are grateful for. Being a ‘glass half full’ kind of gal, this got me thinking about the positives [...]

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Minerals and exercise increase bone mass and strength


Weight-bearing exercise is well-known for its benefits to bone health, including improving increases in bone mass, whole-bone strength, tissue quality and fracture resistance. As bone mass becomes less responsive to exercise as we age, it may be beneficial to maximise bone mass earlier in life. One strategy is to increase bone mass in early adulthood [...]

Minerals and exercise increase bone mass and strength2019-03-28T07:31:13+10:30

Ways to reverse the damage caused by excessive sitting


Our bodies are made to move. In our modern sedentary lifestyle, many people are encouraged to sit for prolonged periods. Excessive sitting causes your legs and hips to become tight and leaves your glutes completely inactive. Have you ever experienced that moment when you stand after prolonged sitting and your behind is completely numb? Add [...]

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What is Kinesiology tape or Rock tape?


Recently Dr Paije went to a seminar on Rock tape. Rock tape is a type of kinesiology tape. It is the colourful tape you see on many athletes at the Olympics and is very different to the regular athletic strapping tape. It is a rehabilitation tape that is designed to facilitate the body’s healing process [...]

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How big are musculoskeletal problems?


How big are musculoskeletal problems? According to the recently published Global Burden of Disease study, musculoskeletal conditions have the fourth greatest impact on the health of the world's population. Poor spinal health can manifest in various ways such as neck pain, backache, and headache, to name a few. These musculoskeletal conditions are common long-term conditions [...]

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