Spring is a wonderful time of year. The sunny days become more frequent, the flowers begin to bloom, the birds sing and our spirits lift. It is a great time of year to get stuck into the jobs we have been putting off, get out in the garden and spring clean the house. It is the season of new beginnings.

Spring is a perfect time to renew ourselves and break out of our old patterns. We only have the power to change ourselves, we need to “be the change we want to see” Ghandi.

Spring is both a noun and a verb. If we look at the verb meaning, “to leap forward” we can think about an obstacles holding us back that we need to overcome to achieve our goals.

Maybe your spring goal is to be “bikini body ready” for summer? It is a known fact that many of us gain weight in winter. It isn’t all our fault. One of the reasons we gain weight is a decrease in body temperature. During winter we need energy to keep warm, and we fuel our bodies with food to create this energy. However, we move less, so we consume more than we use. The poorer weather means there is a lack of motivation to exercise.

We also have shorter days in winter. This changes peoples habits leading to an increase in carbohydrate consumption. Research also shows that a decrease in vitamin D triggers weight gain.

With all this in mind, spring is an excellent time to set some goals and achieve these goals—spring into spring.

Here are some spring goal ideas:

· Be more involved in the garden

· Bring nature indoors

· Get fit

· Spring clean the house

· Clean out cupboards/wardrobe and give away things you no longer need