We all need time to wind down from our day. There is nothing wrong with watching an
episode of our favorite show but it is easy for that activity to consume an entire evening. It is Important to find other ways to entertain ourselves and our families to decrease the amount of time spent blankly staring at a screen.

We are seeing a link in adults between increased screen time, decreased physical
activity, and an increase in obesity and obesity-related health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure and low self-esteem.

A few alternatives are:
– Conversation with your family and friends, ask open ended questions

– Read a book-at times I read a book with my housemates and take turns reading out loud to share the experience together and swap notes

– If you have a pet spend time with it remembering they may be a fraction of our lives but we are their whole lives

– Paint/draw/colour in, if you aren’t feeling creative copy a picture you like, there are no rules

– Write a letter and remember the thrill of receiving a hand written letter

– Go for a walk—pick a route you have never gone before, put some coins in your pocket you might find a new coffee shop