On average we humans spend 33% of our lives sleeping. However, as chiropractors know, sleeping in awkward positions , along with the wrong mattress, can negatively impact spinal health and this also why Australians need to be made aware of the importance of correct sleeping. Do you wonder how your should be sleeping?

Sleeping on your stomach will eventually create problems with your spine and is not a recommended sleeping position. It puts unnecessary pressure on your neck due to twisting your head and the straining of your lower back. It can also cause pressure on your chest.

Sleeping on your side is a better position for sleeping. Try laying with your lower leg fairly straight and bend your upper leg or try placing a pillow between your knees and bending both knees and hips slightly to position your pillow. This will reduce pressure placed on the spine and provide alignment.

Sleeping on your back is also a good sleeping position. For extra support, place a pillow under your knees to keep the natural curves of your spine and reduce strain on your lower back. It is also important to ensure your head pillow is the correct height to reduce strain on the curves of the neck.