You don’t need to be a sporting professional to achieve peak performance. You can perform and live better through reducing pain, maintaining good spinal function, and living a healthy lifestyle. Back your inner athlete by making sure you have the three P’s of chiropractic care:

Reduce Pain

Back pain can result from injury, spinal abnormalities, degenerative conditions and even poor posture. Did you know?

– Back pain is the 3rd most common reason for taking time off work

– Work-related activities, including heavy lifting, bending and twisting and even working in the same position for extended periods can contribute to lower back problems

– Postural issues can affect everyday activities

– Neck pain can be caused by degenerative conditions, poor posture, stress, poor hydration and bad sleeping conditions

Due to the nature of the pain and its causes, a holistic approach is needed in most cases to re-educate and adjust the body to re-ignite the inner athlete.

Improve Posture

Poor posture may cause headaches, soreness, back pain, fatigue, respiratory issues, poor digestion and tension by putting pressure on your spine.

Good Posture Check list:

– Shoulders pulled back and down, head held high, stomach pulled in and chin tucked in

– Avoid slouching

– Avoid ‘forward head’ posture, keep your cheekbones and collarbone in line

– Avoid sitting for long periods of time

– When standing, balance your weight equally on both legs and feet

– Exercise regularly

– Strengthen weak muscles and stretch those that are tight to bring back your inner athlete

Activate Performance

By placing importance on good spinal health and function, alleviating pain, improving posture and mobility, and living a healthy lifestyle, one can improve performance in life.

Back your inner athlete by building core muscles to help support your spine, this provides stability and protection. A good place to start is simply walking regularly to boost mood, alertness and energy levels. You can integrate walking into your lifestyle by planning ahead, setting goals, using a pedometer, tracking everyday activity, engaging your friends and rewarding yourself when you reach your goals. An active spine is a healthy spine and a healthy spine leads to a healthier life.

Taken from CAA’s Spinal Health Week Initiative