With the cold and flu season in full swing, what can you do to boost your immunity? There are many properties in the foods we eat and supplements which can help if you start to feel a little under the weather.
[list style=’arrow’][li] Probiotics- a large proportion of your immunity is attributed to your gut. If your gut is healthy, it is likely you will stay that way too[/li] [li]Garlic and Ginger- these are both antiviral and antibacterial[/li] [li]Olive leaf extract- is very high in antioxidants[/li] [li]Vitamin C and Zinc– both vital for immune function – Chicken Soup- warms the airways and helps the body remove pathogens via nasal secretions. Try adding chilli for more effectiveness[/li] [li] Vitamin D- a study published recently found that children who took Vit D daily were 40% less likely to get the common cold virus[/li] [li]Green tea– high in antioxidants [/li] [/list]