Neck Pain FAQ's

These questions and answers are all about neck pain. How it happens, how to prevent it and how a chiropractor can help you to manage and fix your neck pain in Adelaide.

Where can I find neck pain relief in Adelaide?


Back in Balance Chiropractic specialise in treating neck pain in Adelaide. If you are looking for an experienced & friendly chiropractic clinic then give us a call today on 08 8278 6057

Where can I find neck pain relief in Adelaide?2021-08-05T10:52:28+09:30

What are the neck pain treatment options?


Chiropractic care is an effective method for treating neck pain. Chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue treatment such as massage, dry needling, corrective exercise and physical therapy are all non-surgical chiropractic methods used to address neck pain. If you are experiencing neck pain and are concerned please give us a call asap.

What are the neck pain treatment options?2021-08-10T13:06:39+09:30

How can I prevent neck pain?


Neck pain can be prevented in most cases unless you are in an accident. Certain lifestyle choices can be made to prevent neck pain. Those lifestyle choices include: Stretching Staying hydrated Avoiding physical activity that puts an unnecessary strain on your neck Improving your posture  Keeping your neck moving rather than in one spot for [...]

How can I prevent neck pain?2021-09-15T15:55:04+09:30

What are the symptoms associated with neck pain?


Symptoms of neck pain will depend on the underlying cause of the neck pain you are experiencing. Aside from neck pain, a patient might also experience these additional symptoms: Muscle stiffness Tingling in the neck and upper back & shoulders Burning Decrease or loss of sensation Dull aching Restricted range of motion If you have developed an injury like [...]

What are the symptoms associated with neck pain?2021-08-10T13:02:29+09:30

What causes neck pain?


Neck pain is most often caused by the following: Poor posture Accidents Cervical disc herniation Infection Pinched nerve Whiplash Age-related wear & tear Arthritis Poor sleeping posture Physical trauma to the neck can occur by Personal injuries Sports injuries Work-related injuries Falls Car accidents

What causes neck pain?2021-08-10T13:01:33+09:30
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