Lower Back Pain FAQ's

Can a Chiropractor effectively treat lower back pain?


In short, the answer is a resounding “YES”. There are many reasons as highlighted, why a Chiropractor can help to not just effectively treat lower back pain, but may also help to locate the source of the lower back pain. Chiropractors have at their disposal specialised treatment devices, which may be very effective in treating [...]

Can a Chiropractor effectively treat lower back pain?2021-07-09T13:53:21+09:30

Why does back pain become chronic?


Acute pain is an unpleasant sensation triggered in the nervous system to alert you that something’s wrong with your body, and that you need take care of yourself. Sometimes, acute pain becomes chronic and persists for months or even years. In many instances, this happens because your physiological condition is ongoing and unresolved, for example [...]

Why does back pain become chronic?2021-07-09T13:50:50+09:30

What is back pain?


Back pain is very common, with most people experiencing at least one episode during their lifetime. Your back is a complex structure composed of bones, muscles, nerves, and joints. Back pain is caused by a problem of one of these elements. It’s a musculoskeletal disorder that can present in a range of ways: a slight [...]

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What can cause lower back pain?


There are many things that can cause lower back pain. Some of these are congenital, such as scoliosis. Most causes of lower back pain, however, result from an injury or trauma. Common causes of lower back pain include: Muscle Strain Bulging or herniated disc Degenerative disc disease Spinal stenosis Sciatica or pinched nerve Sacroiliac Joint [...]

What can cause lower back pain?2021-07-09T11:22:02+09:30
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