Animal Chiropractor FAQ's

What are the most common reasons for dogs requiring treatment?


Arthritis or noticeable stiffness is the most common condition we see in the clinic in dogs. We also perform a lot of posts cruciate surgical repair rehabilitation, as well as general treatments for sprains, strains, and lameness. 

What are the most common reasons for dogs requiring treatment?2021-11-23T08:16:27+10:30

Does pet insurance cover chiropractic care?


Generally, pet insurance does not cover animal chiropractic treatments. However, there have been some cases where it has been covered. These cases have mostly been when a veterinarian has performed surgery e.g. for a cranial cruciate ligament rupture repair and prescribed rehabilitation following that surgery at our clinic. 

Does pet insurance cover chiropractic care?2021-11-23T08:15:46+10:30

How long are the appointments?


A standard animal appointment is 30 minutes. However, initial consultation may take 45 minutes to an hour depending on the complexity of the problem

How long are the appointments?2021-11-23T08:14:53+10:30

Where are the animals treated?


Horses are treated at the farm where they live and usually require a small call out fee. Dogs on the other hand, are more easily transported and are usually treated at the clinic at designated times outside of human treatment hours.

Where are the animals treated?2021-11-23T08:14:17+10:30
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