As a parent, you know your baby.

It can be tiring, frustrating, and worrying for you when something doesn’t feel right. But you can’t put your finger on what it is.

Your baby can’t communicate their discomfort. You have to look for clues.

Be assured, that other parents are going through the same frustrations. That’s why they decide to give chiropractic a go:

  • Feeding issues due to jaw or neck restrictions
  • Sleeping difficulties due to pain
  • Low muscle tone (hypotonia or floppy baby)
  • General check-up
  • Crawling, rolling over or movement difficulties
  • Poor head control

Parents may notice their baby favours one side when breastfeeding or sleeping. They may arch or pull off the breast / bottle. Difficulty attaching, poor seal, dribbling or trouble swallowing. These are some indications of biomechanical dysfunction leading to breastfeeding difficulties (World Health Organisation 2009) (Vallone & Carnegie-Hargreaves 2016).

One study showed that more than half of infants with breastfeeding difficulties had neck tightness (Fludder & Keil 2018).