We are here to help you and your child. So we’ll explain everything we do in a way that’s easy for you to understand.

In the first session we’ll:

  1. Chat about your child’s complaint and development
  2. Do assessments with your child

During this session, the Child trained chiropractor aims to answer 5 questions:

Why are you worried?

  1. Does the complaint have anything to do with the way your child moves, eats, sleeps, or does other daily activities?
  2. Is your child’s brain maturing and developing as expected for their age?
  3. Does your child have tight muscles or are joints restricted which may affect the way they move and develop?
  4. Is chiropractic suitable for your child?
  5. We want to find out more about your child so we can decide if we can help – and if so – how we can help.

Our chat with you – and assessments on your child will help us answer these 5 questions.