Chiropractic treatment in itself can’t rid you of your stress but it can help to relieve the symptoms caused by stress.

As the body endures more stress it makes it a lot more sensitive to imbalances of a physical nature and to pain.

Your Chiropractor can help to restore balance & get the spine back into alignment, thus relieving pain usually caused in the neck & back. When tension builds exponentially in your body, the outcome is more often than not pain in a variety of places. The care given by your Chiropractor helps in the following ways:

  • When your Chiro has made adjustments to your spine, it releases tension and the body can then relax since stress is reduced.
  • After your Chiro has adjusted it and the spine is in alignment, it unblocks the central nervous system so it can function the way it should.
  • This allows you to think more rationally and clearly; messages to your brain and nervous system are sent and received seamlessly, and your mental stress lessens as a result.
  • Another benefit is the realignment of the spine by your Chiro helps with blood circulation,and it allows your body to turn off the fight/flight response which is integral to relieving your stress.