Dr Emma Curnow

Dr Emma is joining the team on Monday afternoons and Friday mornings.

Dr Emma and Dr Paije studied at RMIT university together in Melbourne and graduated in 2008. Dr Emma currently practices in her own clinic but is coming on board for a couple of months to help our patients at Back in Balance Chiropractic.

From her own experience with chiropractic at a young age, Dr Emma has seen first hand how beneficial chiropractic treatment can be to improve her overall quality of life- whether it be sporting injuries to migraine headaches or falling asleep on the couch after sitting for too long studying at a desk, chiropractic care has always been a great go- to treatment for our Dr Emma.

On top of our usual chiropractic adjustments, Dr Emma offers Dry Needling, Applied Kinesiology (AK), Taping and Neuro Emotional Technique (NET).