1. Avoid artificial sweeteners

2. Eat a varied diet of fresh, organic, whole foods that are as close to their natural state as possible

3. Eat raw foods – the more you cook your food, the lower the levels of vitamins that remain in them

4. Drink pure filtered water – at least 1.5L per day, more if you drink coffee

5. Avoid all additives, preservatives and processed foods

6. Avoid sugar and caffeine – they are not good for your liver

7. Limit alcohol consumption

8. Increase Omega 3 fatty acids – fish oils are both good for your cholesterol, heart health and also acts as an anti-inflammatory

9. Coconut and Coconut oil may benefit people with fibromyaligia,  chronic fatigue syndrome, and hypothyroidism

10. Eat slowly and chew your food- you will feel fuller and not need to eat as much