Why is it that when we begin exercising it seems like such a chore, but once it is part of routine it becomes so addictive? Here are some tips to plan exercise into your day:
1) Make it a priority – if you want to feel better, look good, increase energy levels and boost endorphins you need to commit to a healthy lifestyle.
2) Set goals – these need to be realistic, achievable goals. Don’t weigh yourself daily, once a week is enough.
3) Have a plan – draw up an activity plan with what you will do each week and for how long, include your goals and maybe even include a reward for reaching the goal.
4) Turn everyday things into active time – take the stairs, play outside with your kids, work up a “housework sweat”
5) Stop making excuses – there are a million reasons to not exercise (too tired, too busy etc) Most of these things can be overcome. Don’t let them get in the way of a happier, healthier you!
Adding a little more exercise into your week isn’t as hard as you may think!